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Vibe GPS Track Smartwatch, Android Smartwatch, iPhone Smart Watch, Multi Sports Modes Smartwatch


Standout Features:

  • Heart Rate Monitor,
  • Multi-watch Faces,
  • Steps Tracking,
  • Calorie Burn Tracking,
  • Sleep Tracking & Stages,
  • Multi-sports Tracking,
  • Daily Steps Goal,
  • Real-time Pace & Distance,
  • Reminders To Move,
  • Real-time Weather,
  • Smartphone Notifications,
  • Stopwatch, CountDown,
  • Find Phone, Alarm Clock,
  • Turn Wrist Detection,
  • Shake Take Photo, Music Control


High-Precision 28nm Low Power GPS

The built-in 28nm GPS chip, through several product updates and iterations, as well as continuous optimization and adjustment, performs even better in satellite search speed, positioning accuracy, and power consumption.

All-day Heart Rate Monitoring

The Vibe GPS is equipped with an advanced Heart rate optical sensor, which can perform 24-hour uninterrupted high-precision heart rate detection, safeguarding your health all the time.

Multi Mainstream Exercise Modes

The Vibe GPS supports multi-mainstream exercise modes, which accurately track your sports activities. It has also multiple professional sensors that record physical data, and perform scientific analysis to enhance your exercise capacity.


Controle your Sleeping Habits

Vibe GPS provides tracking of light and deep sleep as well as heart rate during sleep to help you build better sleep habits.


Better Battery Life

Anew circuit design especially developed for Vibe GPS, and advanced low power-consumption chip, and deep power optimization, all that gives Vibe GPS long battery life. Stays with the users over the long haul, allowing you to wear it without worry and never think about charging.


  • 15 days Basic watch mode Turn off the Bluetooth connection, heart rate monitoring, and other functions, and lift the wrist to see the time 100 times a day.
  • 7 days Daily use mode Heart rate monitoring always on, sleep monitoring; 150 pushed notifications lighting-up the screen, lift the wrist to see the time 30 times, and 5 minutes for other operations every day; exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes.
  • 235 mins GPS continuously on time GPS activated to track exercise and monitor heart rate.
  • Note: Battery life may vary based on usage, settings, and many other factors, meaning that actual results may vary.

Incoming Calls, SMS, App Notifications ... No Reminders Will Be Missed

The VIBE GPS has a wealth of smart functions, including weather forecast, event reminders, call reminders, app notifications, and more, offering a variety of practical tools to facilitate your daily work and life.

More Smart Features to Love...

"Fundo" APP Connection

It can help your watch own more functions and provide more visual data with the new open platform of Fundo. Compatibility: Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 and above system


  • Case Diameter: 50.5 mm
  • Case Thickness: 15.9 mm
  • Weight: 56 g
  • Case material: DLC(Drilling Carbon Coating)
  • Band material: 24mm Sport Strap(TPU) Suitable for wrist size: 135 - 230mm
  • Display: 1.3'' IPS Full-Round Color Touch Screen Resolution: 240*240px
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Platform: Nordic 52832+GPS GPS: GPS/GLONASS
  • Sensors: Heart-rate sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery: 280 mAh Charging Time: 3 hours Battery Life: 15 days (Basic watch mode); 10 days (Daily use mode); 235 mins (GPS continuously on time)
  • Note: Battery life may vary based on usage, settings, and many other factors, meaning that actual results may vary.
  • Water & Dust Proof Grade: IP67
  • Supported Devices: Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above
  • Accessories: Dedicated USB charging
  • Application: Fundo APP
  • Language: English, Português(Brasil), Português(Portuguesa), русский, Español, Italiano, Français, Deutsch, 한국어,