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Revlona Fitness Tracker SmartWatch


  • The Best Gift For Yourself, Parents, Friends, Children
  • women's android smartwatch

The 2020 Revlona Fitness Tracker Smart Watch for IOS and Android is the best waterproof watch, blurring the lines between a regular smartwatch and the company's typical crop of sports watches.


  • Customize The interface and make it reflect your personality.
  • Men's & women's android smartwatch
  • Android smartwatch
  • iOS smartwatch
Multi-Sport Mode

Auto -Track Function - The Revlona men & women smart watch Supports 8 sports such as:

  • Walking,
  • Running,
  • Bicycle,
  • Rope skipping,
  • Badminton,
  • Basketball,
  • Swim,



Full HD Touch Screen

  •  The 1.3-inch IPS full-touch color screen is used for delicate and clear display.
  • The full-touch screen can be swiped arbitrarily and clicked to operate, just as convenient as a smartphone.
  • You'll get served a host of metrics, including distance covered, lengths, average pace, and it can distinguish stroke style, as well.
Health tracking

  • Heart rate monitoring
  •  Blood pressure monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring

Organize your day like all the successful people.

  • Synchronize with a mobile phone,
  • support SMS Reminder push QQ,,
  • WeChat, Facebook, and other social application,
  • message Content Synchronous display, and
  • other reminders display.
Long Battery Life


  • Introducing the first double chipset architecture in the industry and this new design provides a 2-week battery life to keep up with wherever you go.
Waterproof Fitness Watch

  • A dedicated swimming screen in Sport SmartWatch Connect, showing data on distance, time, stroke, SWOLF, temperature, pace, speed, and more.
  • The transflective ensures you can view your real-time swim data under the water.


  • The watch automatically monitors the body status and turns on thesleep monitoring mode which generates sleep time data & the sleep quality analysis data on the APP side.
Health Monitoring

  •  24 hours of continuous monitoring of heart rate. It helps you to track your health and exercise results.





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